Secure AI

We aim to create the world’s most trusted AI Co-pilot for SaaS consultants. Your trust is at the center of everything we do. Our products, policies, processes, and systems are designed to protect you, your rights, and your data, creating a safe platform for creating proposals
Trust and Security at GetGenerative.AI.

How does GetGenerative.AI ensure the security of its platform?

Robust Security Measures: Our platform utilizes state-of-the-art security protocols, including end-to-end encryption and secure cloud hosting. We safeguard all user data and interactions to prevent unauthorized access.

What privacy measures are in place to protect my data?

Data Anonymization: Client input is anonymized using Text Scrubbers that remove all personally identifiable information before processing. This ensures your data cannot be traced back to you or your company.

Isolated Vector Database: Our Vector Database stores pre-processed data as vector embeddings, abstracting the text's meaning while ensuring raw data is not exposed to our language models.

How does GetGenerative.AI prevent data retention in its language models?

Stateless Model Operation: Our Large Language Models operate independently for each interaction, ensuring they do not retain or learn from your data. This transient processing helps maintain your privacy with each session.

How is data protected from exposure or misuse?

Anonymization and Isolation: Data is anonymized by Text Scrubbers and stored in a secure, isolated Vector Database. This prevents the LLMs from accessing raw data directly, safeguarding against misuse.

Where is the user data stored within GetGenerative.AI?

Secure Proprietary Database: All user data is stored in our proprietary database, fortified with multiple security layers. This setup ensures that data remains confidential and protected.

Can users control their data on GetGenerative.AI?

Complete Data Control: Users have full control over their data with customizable privacy settings. You can decide how much information you share and manage who has access to your work.

What ongoing measures does GetGenerative.AI take to maintain security?

Regular Updates and Audits: We continuously update our security measures and conduct routine security audits to mitigate potential threats. Our team is regularly trained on the latest data protection practices.

How does GetGenerative.AI generate accurate proposals?

AI Orchestration and RAG Technique: Our AI Co-pilot uses data from thousands of product features and implementation data points processed by the AI Orchestration Model. The Retrieval-Augmented Generation technique references an authoritative knowledge base to enhance the accuracy and relevance of outputs.

What about the accuracy of GetGenerative.AI outputs?

Guidance on Estimates: While our AI strives to generate precise estimates, they are intended as guides. We recommend users interpret these estimates cautiously and seek professional advice for critical decisions.