Top Salesforce AI Tools 2024 – The Ultimate List

Top Salesforce AI Tools 2024 – The Ultimate List

The business landscape is experiencing a major shift in 2024 due to rapid advancements in artificial intelligence, transforming various industries. Current forecasts suggest that by 2030, the worldwide AI market could grow to an estimated $1.59 trillion

Within the CRM space, Salesforce has emerged as a leader in leveraging AI to enhance its product offerings. A survey found that 73% of the Indian population surveyed uses generative AI, and 45% of the US population surveyed uses generative AI. 

This blog post will explore Salesforce’s most significant generative AI releases and how these advancements empower businesses across various functions, from marketing and sales to customer support and development.

Salesforce’s AI Advancements

As one of the pioneers in adopting Artificial Intelligence in Enterprise SaaS, 

Salesforce has made substantial investments over the past six years and beyond to bring these capabilities to its customers. This includes a strategic collaboration with IBM’s AI division, Watson, dating back to 2017. These investments have persisted in the current GPT era of AI, enabling organizations to enhance their technology and data with remarkable capabilities.

Einstein GPT: Pioneering Generative AI for CRM

Einstein GPT merges Salesforce AI models with generative AI technology from leading language models and real-time customer data from the Salesforce Data Cloud, establishing a generative AI-powered CRM solution.

Introduced in March 2023, Salesforce touts Einstein GPT as its next Einstein AI evolution. It enhances productivity through natural language processing (NLP) by comprehending the user’s or organization’s objectives and assisting in executing those tasks.

Key Features

  • Einstein for Service employs bots to expand customer service capacity and enhance productivity, enabling teams to minimize call handle time and eliminate hold time.
  • Einstein for Sales analyzes CRM data to identify the factors differentiating successful and unsuccessful deals. It accelerates the journey from prospect to closed deal by emphasizing the next steps to take with top leads.
  • Einstein for Marketing fosters relationships and customizes engagement with timely suggestions and more.
  • Einstein GPT for Slack Customer 360 apps provides AI-driven customer insights in Slack, utilizing real-time data to enhance team understanding of their clients.
  • Einstein GPT for Developers leverages the Salesforce Large Language Model (LLM) to aid developers in code generation and analysis.

Einstein for Service

1. Einstein Bots

  • Function: Automate customer interactions and resolve common inquiries without human intervention.
  • Benefits: Enhance customer satisfaction by providing instant, accurate responses. Reduce workload on service agents, allowing them to focus on more complex issues.
  • Use Case: A telecommunications company uses Einstein Bots to handle routine inquiries such as balance checks and service upgrades, freeing up agents to deal with technical support.

2. Einstein Case Classification

  • Function: Automatically classify cases based on historical data.
  • Benefits: Ensure cases are routed to the appropriate agent promptly, improving resolution times and customer satisfaction.
  • Use Case: An insurance company uses Einstein Case Classification to categorize claims based on urgency and type, ensuring quick attention to high-priority cases.


3. Einstein Case Closing & Wrap-Up

  • Function: Assist agents in efficiently closing cases with suggested resolutions and summaries.
  • Benefits: Reduce case handling time and improve service quality by completing all necessary steps before closing a case.
  • Use Case: A tech support team uses this tool to provide agents with checklists and summaries, ensuring consistent and thorough case resolutions.

4. Einstein Article Recommendations

  • Function: Provide agents with relevant knowledge articles in real time.
  • Benefits: By giving agents the information they need when they need it, you can enable faster issue resolution and enhance agent productivity.
  • Use Case: A healthcare provider uses article recommendations to help support staff quickly find relevant medical guidelines and documentation.

5. Einstein Reply Recommendations

  • Function: Suggest appropriate replies to customer inquiries.
  • Benefits: Maintain consistency and accuracy in responses, ensuring high-quality customer service.
  • Use Case: An e-commerce company uses reply recommendations to standardize responses to common queries about shipping and returns.

6. Service AI Grounding & Work Summaries

  • Function: Summarize interactions and provide actionable insights for continuous improvement.
  • Benefits: Help service teams stay informed and prepared, driving better customer interactions and service quality.
  • Use Case: A financial services firm uses work summaries to review and analyze customer interactions, identifying trends and areas for improvement.

Einstein for Sales

1. Einstein Lead Scoring

  • Function: Prioritize leads based on their likelihood to convert.
  • Benefits: Focus sales efforts on high-potential opportunities, increasing conversion rates and sales efficiency.
  • Use Case: A software company uses lead scoring to rank incoming leads, ensuring that sales reps prioritize follow-ups with the most promising prospects.

2. Einstein Opportunity Scoring

  • Function: Evaluate the chances of closing deals using predictive analytics.
  • Benefits: Optimize sales strategies and resource allocation by identifying the most viable opportunities.
  • Use Case: A B2B service provider uses opportunity scoring to allocate resources effectively, focusing on deals with the highest probability of closure.

3. Einstein Activity Capture & Metrics

  • Function: Automatically log email and calendar activities.
  • Benefits: Gain insights into sales activities and performance without manual data entry.
  • Use Case: A real estate firm uses activity capture to track agent-client interactions, providing management with comprehensive performance metrics.

4. Einstein Forecasting

  • Function: Predict future sales outcomes with high accuracy.
  • Benefits: Inform strategic planning and decision-making, helping businesses prepare for market fluctuations.
  • Use Case: A manufacturing company uses forecasting to predict quarterly sales, aligning production schedules with anticipated demand.

5. Einstein Conversation Insights

  • Function: Analyze sales calls and meetings to extract valuable insights.
  • Benefits: Improve sales techniques and customer engagement by identifying successful strategies and areas for improvement.
  • Use Case: A financial advisory firm uses conversation insights to train new advisors, highlighting best practices and effective communication techniques.

6. Einstein Email Insights & Relationship Insights

  • Function: Track email interactions and identify key relationship trends.
  • Benefits: Strengthen customer relationships through informed communication and timely follow-ups.
  • Use Case: A luxury retail brand uses email insights to track engagement with high-value clients, ensuring personalized and attentive service.

7. Buyer Assistant & Recommended Connections

  • Function: Provide personalized buying recommendations and facilitate meaningful connections between prospects and sales reps.
  • Benefits: Enhance the buying experience and increase conversion rates through tailored interactions.
  • Use Case: An automotive dealership uses the buyer assistant to recommend vehicles based on customer preferences, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

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Einstein for Marketing

1. Einstein Engagement Scoring

  • Function: Score customer engagement to tailor marketing efforts.
  • Benefits: Enhance targeting and personalization, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Use Case: A fashion retailer uses engagement scoring to segment customers and deliver personalized promotions, increasing email open rates and sales.

2. Einstein Messaging Insights & Send Time Optimization

  • Function: Optimize message content and timing for maximum impact.
  • Benefits: Increase open and conversion rates by sending the right message at the right time.
  • Use Case: A travel agency optimizes send time to schedule promotional emails when customers are most likely to engage, boosting bookings.

3. Einstein Content Selection, Testing, & Tagging

  • Function: Automate content recommendations and A/B testing.
  • Benefits: Ensure the most effective content is used in campaigns, improving engagement and conversion.
  • Use Case: An online education platform uses content selection to recommend courses based on user behavior, increasing course enrollments.

4. Einstein Social Insights & Vision for Social Studio

  • Function: Analyze social media trends and sentiments.
  • Benefits: Enhance social media marketing strategies by understanding audience preferences and behavior.
  • Use Case: A consumer electronics brand uses social insights to track product feedback and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

5. Einstein Journey Insights & Segmentation

  • Function: Gain insights into customer journeys and segment audiences effectively.
  • Benefits: Drive personalized marketing campaigns that resonate with specific customer segments.
  • Use Case: A subscription box service uses journey insights to tailor marketing efforts based on customer lifecycle stages, increasing retention rates.

Einstein for Commerce

1. Smart Promotions & SEO Metadata

  • Function: Optimize promotions and metadata for better search visibility.
  • Benefits: Attract and convert more customers through targeted promotions and improved search engine rankings.
  • Use Case: An online marketplace uses smart promotions to offer personalized discounts, boosting sales during peak shopping seasons.

2. Copilot for Shoppers & Returns Insights

  • Function: Provide shoppers with personalized assistance and analyze return patterns.
  • Benefits: Enhance the shopping experience and reduce return rates by addressing common issues proactively.
  • Use Case: A fashion retailer uses a copilot to assist customers in finding the right fit, reducing the number of returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

3. Einstein GPT for Commerce

  • Function: Generate personalized product recommendations using GPT technology.
  • Benefits: Enhance the shopping experience and drive sales by offering relevant product suggestions.
  • Use Case: An electronics retailer uses GPT for Commerce to recommend accessories and complementary products, increasing average order value.

4. Einstein Search Recommendations & Commerce Insights

  • Function: Improve search relevance and provide insights into shopping behavior.
  • Benefits: Optimize the online shopping experience by quickly ensuring customers find what they are looking for.
  • Use Case: An online bookstore uses search recommendations to suggest books based on user interests, boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

5. Einstein Product Recommendations & Predictive Sort

  • Function: Offer tailored product suggestions and sort products based on predictive analytics.
  • Benefits: Drive sales by highlighting products most likely to appeal to each customer.
  • Use Case: A home goods store uses predictive sort to display popular and relevant items first, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Einstein CRM Analytics

1. Analytics Studio & Einstein Discovery

  • Function: Analyze data and discover patterns using advanced analytics.
  • Benefits: Make data-driven decisions with confidence, uncovering hidden insights and opportunities.
  • Use Case: A financial institution uses Analytics Studio to monitor key performance indicators and Einstein Discovery to identify trends in customer behavior, informing strategic initiatives.

2. Text Clustering & Live Prediction with Snowflake

  • Function: Group similar texts for better analysis and predict outcomes in real-time using integrated Snowflake data.
  • Benefits: Enhance data analysis and real-time decision-making capabilities.
  • Use Case: A telecom company uses text clustering to analyze customer feedback and live prediction to anticipate network issues, improving service quality and customer satisfaction.

3. Model Inspector & Model Queuing

  • Function: Inspect and queue predictive models for continuous improvement.
  • Benefits: Ensure models are accurate and up-to-date, enhancing their predictive power.
  • Use Case: An insurance company uses Model Inspector to validate risk assessment models and Model Queuing to manage model updates, maintaining high accuracy in predictions.

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Einstein Copilot Actions

1. Answer Questions with Knowledge

  • Function: Leverage AI to provide accurate answers to customer and agent queries.
  • Benefits: Enhance service quality and efficiency by delivering quick, precise information.
  • Use Case: A customer support center uses this tool to provide agents instant access to knowledge base articles, reducing resolution times.

2. Draft & Revise Sales Emails

  • Function: Automate the creation and revision of sales emails.
  • Benefits: Maintain a consistent and professional communication standard while saving time.
  • Use Case: A B2B company uses this tool to streamline email communication, ensuring that all sales emails adhere to brand guidelines and are sent out promptly.

3. Explore Conversation & Get Forecast Guidance

  • Function: Dive deep into customer conversations for valuable insights and receive AI-driven guidance on sales forecasts.
  • Benefits: Improve sales techniques and customer engagement by identifying successful strategies and areas for improvement.
  • Use Case: A consulting firm uses conversation insights to refine its sales pitches and forecast guidance to predict quarterly performance, optimizing its sales strategy.

4. Identify Object & Record by Name

  • Function: Quickly identify and retrieve objects and records.
  • Benefits: Streamline data management and retrieval processes, saving time and reducing errors.
  • Use Case: A logistics company uses this tool to quickly locate shipment records, improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

5. Summarize the Record & Create a Close Plan

  • Function: Generate summaries of records for quick understanding and develop detailed close plans to secure deals.
  • Benefits: Enhance productivity by providing clear, concise information and structured plans for closing deals.
  • Use Case: A real estate firm uses record summaries to brief agents before client meetings and close plans to outline steps to finalize property sales, ensuring nothing is overlooked.

Platform AI Tools

  • Einstein Prediction Builder: Create custom AI models to predict business outcomes tailored to specific needs.
  • Einstein Recommendation Builder: Develop personalized customer recommendations, enhancing their experience and driving engagement.
  • Einstein for Developers: Integrate AI into custom applications, enabling developers to leverage AI capabilities within their solutions.
  • Einstein for Flows: Automate business processes with AI, streamlining workflows and improving efficiency.
  • Einstein Next Best Action: Suggest optimal next steps in customer interactions, enhancing decision-making and customer satisfaction.
  • Einstein Search: Enhance search capabilities across the platform, ensuring users find relevant information quickly.
  • Einstein for Formulas: Use AI in formula fields for advanced calculations, adding intelligence to data processing.
  • Einstein 1 Studio: A comprehensive studio for developing AI models, providing tools and resources for building, training, and deploying models.
  • Copilot Builder & Prompt Builder: Create custom AI copilots and prompts for specific needs, enhancing user interactions and productivity.
  • Model Builder: Develop and refine predictive models, ensuring they remain accurate and effective.


Integrating AI into Salesforce’s core products revolutionizes how businesses operate and engage with customers. Salesforce Einstein AI tools provide a powerful suite of capabilities that can transform how businesses operate across service, sales, marketing, commerce, and analytics. By leveraging these tools, organizations can enhance efficiency, improve customer experiences, and drive better business outcomes. Explore these AI tools and stay ahead in your industry with the cutting-edge innovations Salesforce offers. 

To learn more about leveraging AI to transform your business, visit and explore our cutting-edge AI solutions that integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is Einstein’s GPT?

Einstein GPT is Salesforce’s generative AI technology that combines Salesforce AI models with generative AI and real-time customer data to enhance productivity across various functions.

2. How can AI help with marketing in Salesforce?

AI-powered marketing tools in Salesforce enable businesses to personalize campaigns, optimize targeting, and create engaging content at scale.

3. Can developers benefit from AI in Salesforce?

Yes, AI tools for Salesforce developers help with code generation, testing, bug detection, and documentation, boosting productivity and streamlining processes.

4. How does AI improve customer support in Salesforce?

AI-powered support tools in Salesforce enable conversational intelligence, chatbots, and real-time access to support data and knowledge articles, enhancing the customer experience.