Salesforce Dreamforce 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide

Salesforce Dreamforce 2024: Your Comprehensive Guide

Dreamforce is not just a conference; it’s a vibrant hub of learning, innovation, and community. Held annually in San Francisco, this event has become a cornerstone for industry professionals, drawing over 180,000 participants from around the globe. As Salesforce’s premier event, it embodies community spirit and technological progress, attracting many Trailblazers worldwide.

In response to the pandemic, Dreamforce has evolved into a hybrid format, combining in-person and virtual experiences via Salesforce+, a dedicated streaming service. This change broadens the event’s reach and enhances the participant experience, allowing live or on-demand content engagement from anywhere.

What to Expect at Dreamforce 2024

Set for September 17-19, 2024, Dreamforce promises an extraordinary blend of innovation and education over three dynamic days, featuring:

  • Visionary Speeches: Over 115 influential speakers, including industry pioneers like Daniela Amodei of Anthropic and Raj Subramaniam of FedEx.
  • Educational Sessions: More than 1,500 sessions, from hands-on workshops to groundbreaking keynotes.
  • Global Representation: With attendees from 143 countries and insights from over 11,000 product experts, the event offers unmatched diversity in knowledge and experience.

A Lineup Like No Other

Dreamforce 2024 features a lineup that captures the essence of innovation. Key speakers include:

  • Daniela Amodei, President & Co-Founder of Anthropic, who will discuss ethical AI development.
  • Kate Hudson, Oscar-nominated actress and singer-songwriter, sharing her journey of blending storytelling with music.
  • David B. Kirk, former Chief Scientist at NVIDIA, exploring the future of computing with CUDA programming.
  • Raj Subramaniam, CEO of FedEx, addresses innovation in global logistics and sustainable practices.
  • Matthew McConaughey, actor, and Salesforce brand advisor, on leveraging creative storytelling in business marketing.
  • Cristóbal Valenzuela, Co-Founder of Runway, on the intersection of AI with creative tools.
  • Dev Patel, actor and director, discusses the creative process in film and entrepreneurship.
  • Sallie Krawcheck, CEO of Ellevest, on empowering women through innovative financial tools.


An Iconic Venue: The Heart of Dreamforce

Since 2003, San Francisco has been the proud host of Dreamforce, transforming into a center of technological and innovative excellence each year. Post-2020, the event adapted to a hybrid format, continuing through 2022, offering global access via Salesforce+. For those who can’t attend in person, Salesforce+ provides a wealth of free original series and special episodes, bringing the Dreamforce experience to you without needing to travel.

Who Attends Dreamforce?

Dreamforce attracts diverse professionals from the Salesforce ecosystem, including admins, developers, architects, and newcomers. With a history of over 180,000 attendees, it offers unparalleled networking and professional growth opportunities for everyone in every industry around the globe.

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What’s on the Agenda for Dreamforce 2024?

Building on the packed agenda of Dreamforce ’23, the upcoming event promises an even richer array of sessions and experiences. Here’s what attendees can look forward to:

  • Main Keynote: Insights into the latest Salesforce announcements and innovations.
  • Dreamfest: Celebrations with legendary performances; last year featured the Foo Fighters at the Chase Center.
  • True to the Core: Direct Q&A sessions with senior Salesforce executives.
  • High-Profile Interviews: Inspirational talks from luminaries like Barack and Michelle Obama and David Beckham in past years.

Networking and Beyond

Dreamforce is not only a learning platform but also a hub for networking. It provides a space for professionals to connect, share ideas, and collaborate on common challenges. The conference features over 25,000 square feet of exhibition space for partner activities, creating a vast marketplace of ideas and services.

Engaging and Giving Back

True to its roots, Dreamforce blends joy with philanthropy. Attendees can look forward to Dreamfest, an epic celebration with top-tier musical headliners, and participate in community activities that make a tangible difference.

Ticket Information and Planning

For those planning to attend, ticket prices for Dreamforce 2024 start at $1,499, with standard access at $1,999 and last-chance tickets at $2,499. With over 40,000 people attending in person and more than 200,000 online last year, early registration is advised to ensure participation in this landmark event.

Dreamforce Parties: A Blend of Learning and Fun

Dreamforce isn’t just about sessions and keynotes; it’s also a place to unwind and network. The legendary Dreamfest has featured global music icons like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metallica, and The Killers. Alongside official Salesforce events, numerous partner parties offer additional venues for enjoyment and networking hosted by Salesforce Consulting and AppExchange partners. Check out the full list of parties to plan your Dreamforce experience fully.

End Note

Dreamforce 2024 is more than an event; it catalyzes transformation. Whether you want to ignite new ideas, foster meaningful connections, or celebrate technological achievements, Dreamforce offers a unique environment to learn, inspire, give back, and have fun. Join Dreamforce 2024 to experience the unique blend of learning and innovation that only San Francisco can offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Where is Dreamforce 2024 being held?

Dreamforce 2024 will occur in San Francisco, continuing its tradition since 2003.

2. Can I participate in Dreamforce 2024 if I can’t attend in person?

Yes, you can participate via Salesforce+, which offers live-streamed and on-demand content.

3. Who should attend Dreamforce?

Dreamforce is ideal for anyone within the Salesforce ecosystem, including admins, developers, architects, and newcomers to Salesforce.

4. What can I expect at the event?

Over a thousand sessions are planned, including keynotes, high-profile interviews, Q&A sessions with Salesforce executives, and the much-anticipated Dreamfest.

5. Are there networking opportunities at Dreamforce?

Absolutely! Dreamforce provides numerous networking opportunities through formal sessions and social events like Dreamfest.